Hebei Longfengshan Casting Co., Ltd

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  Hebei Longfengshan Casting Co., Ltd was founded in 1999, which is located in 3 kilometers west away from Wuan City,It is the world's largest high-tech enterprises specializing in the production of high pure pig iron and cast iron with high quality .The company is close to Hanchang railway, Qinglan high-speed railway and 309 National Road with convenient transportation and logistics.There are rich and excellent iron ore resources in the city and has complementary advantages with adjacent Shanxi coal,which provides a unique foundation conditions for the company's development and growth, smelting high-end cast iron.

  There are more than 28 thousand of employees and 587 professional and technical personnel. The company also built a provincial enterprise technology center.There are two 800m³ blast furnaces which specially produced high purity pig iron and cast iron,2 mechanism with burning, 12 square meters of a shaft furnace with 1 million 500 thousand tons annual production of high pure pig iron and cast iron ,2 sets of 2 * 18MW blast furnace high temperature and high pressure generating units (annual power generation 300 million KW / h),1 set 100 thousand m³ blast furnace gas cabinet, 1 set 7500m³/h PSA.

  The company is the world's largest, highest level of equipment, the high-end foundry new materials production enterprises with best products quality. The main products are  high pure pig iron for casting , high quality ductile iron cast iron and cast iron.

  The main products are cast iron with high purity, high quality nodular cast iron and grey cast iron.The whole cast low Si, low Ti, low Mn, low P, low S and low harmful trace elements in high purity iron, mainly used for high-speed rail, nuclear power, wind power castings and various low-temperature impact resistance and ADI ductile iron casting blank etc. of ductile iron castings; high quality nodular cast iron and pig iron.which are widely used in automobile, agricultural machinery, mining and metallurgy, machine tools and other equipment manufacturing industry.

  The company's total assets is 2.3 billion yuan. The annual sales income is about 6 billion yuan."Longfeng Mountain" brand foundry iron with high purity was assessed as "Hebei province science and technology innovation achievements" in 2011, "National key new products in 2012 by the Ministry of science and other four ministries ; cfoundry iron with high purity, nodular cast iron and cast iron is the Hebei provincial government as a" brand-name products in Hebei Province, It also was assessed as "high-tech enterprise"  in 2012,  "Hebei famous brand" in 2013.

  We adhere to the core concept that :”User is the most important,  Quality is survival life,Science and technology is the wings,Innovation is the soul” to make a world casting power dream with first class products, first-class management, first-class service.

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